Why invest in VisionHealth?


Dr. Scheuch, could you please introduce yourself?

I am a bio-physicist in the fields of aerosol medicine and pulmonary drug delivery and was able to use my knowledge to become an entrepreneur myself. Among other things, I founded the companies ‘Inamed’ in 1997 and ‘Activaero’ in 2005, which specialized in highly efficient drug delivery through aerosol technologies and inhalation systems. For this purpose, we have launched two proprietary inhalation technologies, the AKITA Jet®, which can save 50% of medication for patients through a special application of the breathing technology, and the Watchhaler, an innovative inhalation aid for children. I am also active as a business angel and investor and founded the consulting company “GS Bio-Inhalation GmbH”. In recent years I have been able to successfully support many young, up-and-coming companies through my investments and thus have a long track record.

What does your investment portfolio currently look like? Are there certain focal points, certain areas in which you are particularly keen to invest?

I am currently focusing particularly on medical technology, where there is still a great need and potential for further development. Furthermore, I believe that the field of inhalation therapy should not be neglected, investments in research are essential for me.

What are the aspects that you pay particular attention to when you are involved in a start-up?

First of all, I ask myself the question: “Does the company offer an innovative and beneficial idea? Is the business model communicated convincingly and concisely, and if so, how? Then I ask myself the question: “Can I help the company in their current phase with my experience? In addition, I pay particular attention to whether the dynamics of the team are working. In addition to expertise, appreciation, transparency and community are essential cornerstones of a healthy and productive working atmosphere and play a major role in success.

Are you more motivated by a high return potential when deciding whether to invest in a company or does the potential “impact” also play a role in the decision-making process?

In any case, the impact plays the decisive role for me when it comes to investing. Nevertheless, it must be taken into account that patients can only be helped by a successful product. A product that cannot be marketed is not profitable and will not be accepted by the customer. Finally, the probability of return also points to the probability of success in the market.

You have many years of experience in the field of respiratory therapeutics. These topics are associated with long development times, high financial requirements and major risks. What is it that attracts you personally to get involved in this industry?

As a biophysicist, I see the challenge in getting the drug to the intended physical site of effect. This is particularly challenging with inhaled drugs. To solve problems and challenges in the field of inhalation therapy, a multidisciplinary team is absolutely essential. This field has always had exciting problems. Further development is therefore essential, as patients urgently need the help.

How can one imagine the cooperation between VisionHealth and you?

My goal in the cooperation with VisionHealth is first of all to act in an advisory capacity and to network and spread the vision of the start-up in the important circles. My large network in the field of respiratory diseases, especially with doctors and pharmaceutical companies and in the area of investors, will help me to achieve this goal.

What motivated you to get involved in VisionHealth?

The extraordinary idea of developing an intelligent algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to optimize inhalation therapy – that’s what convinced me. I want to support VisionHealth in their project and drive the consolidation and further development of the idea in the digital world. Furthermore, I am sure that the high level of commitment and the effective cooperation of the existing team will enable the challenges to be mastered.

And what makes VisionHealth particularly attractive to you?

With its innovative idea VisionHealth GmbH has discovered a niche in the market that has not been developed to this extent yet. It offers the digital solution to a well-known problem and with today’s possibilities and new mechanisms it can significantly improve the quality of life of patients and adherence management. Ultimately, I see a great opportunity and also a high probability of return on investment in the market for inhalation therapy.


Dear Dr. Scheuch, thank you very much for this interesting interview!