About us


Bundled experience and expertise strengthen our company's development.

Christian M. Pangratz

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Extensive management experience in the pharmaceutical industry

Expert in biotechnology and medical devices


Dr. Georg Matheis

Lead & Seed Investor

Successful doctor

Serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of clinical and scientific experience

Successful in translating several medical needs into successful therapies (especially for respiratory diseases)


Dr. Gerhard Scheuch

Seed Investor

Physicist / Scientist: Expert in respiratory therapeutics and development of inhaled therapeutics
Advisor to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the leading pharmaceutical companies in this field

Serial entrepreneur: Founder of globally successful companies
Business Angel and shareholder of various life science and healthcare start-ups


Erwin J. Schimmer


Dipl. Engineer

Managing Director Vantage Value GmbH

30 years of experience as managing director in building up and managing medium-sized companies


Dr. Jens Stegemann


CEO & Co-Founder Breath Therapeutics

Leadership and biotech start-up expertise with proven track record in rare lung diseases and orphan drug development

Over 20 years management experience in the pharmaceutical and med-tech industry

Expert Advisory Board

From the very start we develop our products with the support of experts: patients and doctors.

Ulrike Nowak

Health scientist

Medical assistant

Asthmatic patient


Dr. Peter Haidl

Internist pneumology

Specialty hospital Kloster Grafschaft GmbH

Academic Teaching Hospital of the Philipps University of Marburg


Dr. Klaus Klütsch

Internist pneumology

DMP training for asthma and COPD

Supervision of lung sports groups


Frank Hennemann

Patient relations manager

Pharmaceutical and health advisor

Patient with Alpha1-Antitrypsin Deficiency