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All patients are subject to one significant problem: the success of their treatment depends heavily on the correct handling of their inhalers, because the drug must reach the lungs to be effective.

Today’s problem of the masses: there are too many inhalers.

Kata® puts an end to treatment errors:

Kata® reports textually and pictorially how successful an inhaler application was, documents the user’s behavior and thus provides information about disease progression and application habits.

The digital technologies help patients to improve the handling of all common inhalation devices as part of their inhalation therapy. This significantly optimizes the administration of active ingredients and medications and improves the success of treatment and therapy.

Information for you and your practice team

How Kata® helps your patients:

Digital therapy assistant for optimal support for your patients at home between doctor's visits.

Motivating - Coaches best possible efficiency in inhalation therapy and increases overall therapy adherence.

Simple - The AI-powered inhalation trainer effortlessly adapts to all popular inhalation devices on the market.

Reimbursable - DiGA approval is being sought. We will keep you informed about the current status.

Benefits of Kata® for you as a physician/professional:

Supplemental information - Daily symptom and therapy records allow you to make well-informed treatment decisions

Extrabudgetary - does not burden drug or remedy budgets, there is no additional work for your practice team

Safe - CE certified medical device (and wenn DiGA - BfArM approved)

Innovative - specially tailored to the needs of asthma and COPD patients

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