The challenge

How to inhale any drugs effectively; for effective inhaled therapy.

Symptoms of respiratory diseases are treatable and controllable

When we are healthy, we take our breathing for granted, never fully appreciating that our lungs are essential organs for life. But when our lung health is impaired, nothing else but our breathing really matters. That is the painful reality for those suffering from lung disease, which affects people of all ages in every corner of the world. Lung diseases kill millions and cause suffering to millions more. Threats to our lung health are everywhere, and they start at an early age, when we are most vulnerable. Fortunately, many of these threats are avoidable and their consequences treatable.

Inhaling a drug is not as easy as taking a pill

Respiratory diseases are mainly treated with drugs, which are inhaled to the site of action, the lungs. At the same time, it is a challenge to get a grip of the complexity on this market, for physicians and patients. The variety of drugs/drug combinations and devices is so enormous, that even experts admit to struggle in keeping up with the development. Patients often feel left alone with the inhalation devices and the different drugs to use.

Training and adherence to therapy improves outcome for patients

The prevalence of Asthma is being estimated to 235 million patients in the US and Europe, resulting in a market of just over $17 billion. The prevalence of COPD is being estimated to 200 million patients, resulting in a market of just over $12 billion.
Non-adherence in chronic diseases increase double the cost of healthcare2 and increase hospitalization rate and mortality of patients significantly3.
Since inhaling drugs needs more training, not only adherence management will help respiratory patients, but extensive training is necessary.
So far, no player on the market focuses on training with included feedback to the patients.

Patients with pneumological diseases in the EU and worldwide

20M COPD patients in the EU
36M asthmatics in the EU
235M asthmatics worldwide
380M COPD patients worldwide

Therapy costs for pneumological diseases in Europe: € 82.3 billion

17% COPD indirectly
24% COPD directly
28% asthma directly
31% asthma indirectly

VisionHealth provides a solution for better health outcomes

VisionHealth is thriving to not only provide easy adherence management for patients, independent of the prescribed inhaler make, but also use artificial intelligence to help patients with the use of their inhalers and give them feedback how to improve it.

Using advanced technology, VisionHealth is building a bridge for patients and health care staff, to make inhalation fun and easy. With VisionHealth, patients will be able to get their daily dose reliably. It helps them to stay stable and healthy and avoid hospital care.