Truth Principles to the best inhalation in an app

With these functions Kata® supports the inhalation therapy

Adherence management

Reminds patients to take their medication at the right dose at the right time. Records each inhalation and is able to add inhalations subsequently.

Inhalation training

Leads patients through each step of inhalation. Tracks all steps and evaluates them due to artificial intelligence. Gives real-time feedback what was good and what can be done better.

Monitoring disease progression

Daily parameters can be entered, as well as visits to the doctor. Shows statistics on values and inhalations. Disease progression can be traced well.

Information about asthma / COPD

Provides information about weather and pollination. Reminds of emergency spray.

Statistics and treatment success

Patients can become active for the stability of their disease. This can enable an improvement of the therapeutic success.


Optional reporting to relatives, caregivers or attending physicians.