Our market entry

In the first step Kata® supports inhalation therapy as an app

In the first step, Kata enables patients to take their daily dose reliably as an app. She helps them to become more stable and healthier and to avoid hospital care. We use artificial intelligence to help patients use their inhalers and provide feedback on how they can improve their inhalation.

The power of effective inhalation therapy

Inhalation training

Kata® eliminates handling errors by automized inhaler training & instant feedback to patients

Adherence management

Kata® offers continuous care and comprehensive therapy enhancement as a digital therapy companion


Kata® requires no additional hardware and can be adjusted to any inhaler.

Big Data

Kata® enables better future treatment measures as a source of big data (anonymized).

An exceptional and comprehensive solution.

With artificial intelligence, Kata interprets the behaviour of patients without the need for a medical expert to assist them on-the-spot or by remote diagnostics. Using algorithms, our machine learning technique recognizes and interprets patterns in the inhalation behaviour of the users. This allows object recognition (e.g. for inhalers) as well as perception and interpretation of movements (e.g. for shaking the inhaler).

Similarly, we use augmented reality to provide patients with feedback on correct inhalation handling by replicating their own camera image with virtual elements. This allows the app to provide specific and user-friendly hints for optimizing the inhalation process. Kata can be customized to any inhaler without hardware component adaptations.

We are on an exciting journey to use advanced technology in building a bridge for patients and health professionals. Our goal: to make inhalation more fun, easy and effective!

Patients can find further information and a link to download the app at www.kata-inhalation.com.